Specification Services

Develop detailed door by door architectural specifications and schedules in a presentable and easy to read format. Contact Us today for a no obligation consultation.

Expert Specification Assistance at your service

There are various regulations that doors and entrance solutions must satisfy, in order to meet regulation requirements. Often, the installation and planning become complex and the larger projects will have doors recorded in lists that have certain specifications for each entrance.

The lack of planning and review can hinder the successful implementation of complex door systems and projects. Here at BACTEC, we can assist with providing consultation and support to ensure effective execution of your project

Ensuring your tender has the right information

Our specification experts will work with you, providing free support, in order to develop product and project specific specifications for every tender.

You can always rely on our specialists to provide accurate technical data for every development.

Not just an Individualised service

Our teams of specialists have years of experience and are familiar with a wide range of industries. This ensures you get the most comprehensive and professional service that we have to offer. We will provide assistance for all types of solutions, all while making sure that your entrances are safe and adhere to the most current safety standards.

Enquire about a custom solution for your project.