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Elevate your property with our market-leading range of smart, technology-driven automated doors. Go beyond standard automation with our end-to-end service including custom design, fabrication, installation and customer care.

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Developed to help you save time & money.

Enjoy complete remote monitoring integration for the ultimate in sophisticated solutions. Our team of service engineers are fully qualified electricians, saving you time and money with expert, end-to-end service and maintenance.

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Door Repairs, Service & Preventative Maintenance

Reliable automatic door servicing

With our quality workmanship guaranteed and afforable pricing, BACTEC provides you with support to keep on top of all your maintenance, service and repair needs. We also offer a 24/7 emergency call out to ensure you have support when you need it most.

BIM Objects

Efficient door planning with five multifunctional basic door types

With these five GEZE BIM door objects you can create countless variants of doors. For example, an automated door or a hold-open system by downloading the single-leaf swing door, using the many supplied parameters and supplementing the door according to your requirements. All elements required for door planning, such as lever handles or skylights, are already included in our door objects. Start your personal configuration now!

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BACTEC is a technology solutions provider in the Automatic Access Industry and has a new benchmark in the services it delivers.

BACTEC has been created to change industry normalities and revert from being a hardware-based entity, to a first line technology supplier, that uses hardware as a technology slave.
In partnership with our sole supplier, GEZE GmbH, BACTEC can offer a technology-based solution that surpasses the current industry standard in application, functionality, control, and cost. This has been designed with the purchaser in mind and not the supplier.

In simple terms, we as mentioned, work on a master/slave mechanical electronic relationship, with the hardware being the slave and the technology the master. This allows BACTEC to change current practises and be revolutionary in its offerings, with fully integrable (capable of being integrated) BACNet/Bluetooth technologies.

Gone are the days that you have to pay the cost of the purchase of your hardware (Automated product + Technology). This is now provided free (No Capex Outlay). It is then coupled with extended limited lifetime warranties on major electromechanical components for 5-10 years as well as fully comprehensive maintenance.

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Doors are more than equipment. They play a vital role in building security, functionality, aesthetic, safety and energy efficiency. At BACTEC we partner with you for the long-term success, by customising a solution to meet the needs of your organisation.

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