Automatic Sliding Doors
Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors

Accessible, with diverse functions and an elegant design.

Our standard automatic sliding doors are the go-to for versatile, space saving solutions. Glass-doors maximise natural light and add to optical space enhancement. These smart sliding doors are ideal for use in heavy traffic areas that require above standard performance. The sleek aesthetics and range of compatible drive series make standard sliding doors ideal for universal application.

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Offering barrier-free and space saving access to all users, there is an ideal solution ready for anyone looking to give their space a sophistication makeover, whether it be a school, a hotel, office building or airport, the result is a discreet and classy sliding door system. They are visually impressive and fit into any architecture.


Creating convenient access points, our sliding door systems have state of the art technology and are highly functional, offering a diverse range of applications for the user so that demands can be met.


Utilizing maximum safety standards, GEZE sliding door systems help to meet the most stringent standards. Different environments will require different solutions specifically in sensitive areas such as hospital operating theatres where our non-contact automatic doors help to ensure hygienic conditions are met.

Product Features ECdrive T2 Slimdrive SL NT Powerdrive PL
Dimensions (height x depth) 100 x 190 mm 70 x 190 mm 150x 185 mm
200 x 185 mm
Opening width 1-leaf 700 – 3000 mm 700 – 3000 mm 700 – 3000 mm
Opening width 2-leaf 900 – 3000 mm 900 – 3000 mm 800 – 3000 mm
Leaf weight (max.) 1-leaf 120 / 140 kg³ 125 kg 200 kg¹
Leaf weight (max.) 2-leaf 2 x 120 / 140 kg³ 2 x 125 kg 2 x 180 kg¹
2 x 200 kg²
Opening / Closing speed (max.) 0.8 / 0.8 m/s 0.8 / 0.8 m/s 0.8 / 0.8 m/s
Fitting Variants
ISO-glass fine-framed
MONO-glass fine-framed
GCprofile Therm, energy-efficient
profile system fine-framed
Toughened safety glass clamping
fitting fine-framed
All-glass system (GGS)
Integrated all-glass system (IGG)
On-site leaves

• = Yes I 1 = max. 160 kg for FR variant, max. 120 kg for fine-framed leaves and profile system GCprofile Therm 1 2 = if applicable increased opening and holdopen times 1 3 = 120 kg with single roller carriage (standard), 140 kg with double roller carriage (option) and GCprofile Thermn.

GEZE Slimdrive SLNT

With its low drive height of only 70mm, the SLNT is almost invisibly integrated into any façade to offer a sleek look, particularly in Glass facades


This uncompromisingly reliable Linear drive system is ideal for those high traffic areas and will suit almost any application or design

GEZE Powerdrive PL

Specifically designed drive system to cater for large entrances and heavier door leaves, yet does not compromise on convenience or safety

Automatic Sliding doors
Activation Devices - GEZEGC304
Activation Devices - GEZE Activation Detectors
Activation Devices - GEZEGC302 radar Movement Detector
Activation Devices - GEZEGC306 Proximity Switch
Activation Devices - GEZELED Sensor Buttons
Disability System
Open Automations ECDrive T2
Open Automations Powerdrive PL
Open Automations Slimdrive SLNT
Space-saving, elegant and modern design
Space-saving, elegant and modern design
Smoke-proof swing doors for increased safety through smoke protection
Smoke-proof swing doors for increased safety through smoke protection
High-powered series capable of safely moving heavy doors
High-powered series capable of safely moving heavy doors

Suitable for a Wide Range of Industies


Custom designed solutions for clean spaces


Solutions to maximise accessibility and safety


Elegant solutions for integrated building management performance


Customised designs for superior aesthetics and high traffic use


Full control systems for occupant safety and wellbeing

Building & Construction

Deliver premium comfort, reliability and security with custom solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer full scoping, design, fabrication and installation of custom automatic sliding doors.

Yes, the automation and door drive technology is fully integrated with your building management system to offer you complete control.

Your servicing schedule will depend on the hardware, environment and traffic frequency. We create a custom servicing schedule for each solution and our remote monitoring technology provides instant alerts for servicing and maintenance, so you don’t need to do any extra administration.

Yes, we provide full service solutions so you don’t have to worry about unexpected or additional costs. Our end-to-end service is specifically designed to deliver the best in the market product and service in a convenient and cost efficient solution.

Enquire about a custom solution for your project.