Breakout Doors
Breakout Doors

Breakout Doors

For solutions with heightened safety requirements breakout doors offer the ultimate in versatile security.

These 1 or 2-leaf door systems feature a swing fitting allowing the leaves to pivot open and are ideal for emergency exits.

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The GEZE Automatic Breakout Sliding Door system is ideal for use in areas that require maximum safety in the event of an emergency. The breakout function of this system has the sliding doors also pivot out toward the direction of escape. Can be used in both single and double-leaf capacity with an opening of up to 2500mm possible.


Creating convenient access points, our door systems have state of the art technology and are highly functional, offering a diverse range of applications for the user so that demands can be met. Single and Double-leaf systems available in a wide variety of applications


Utilizing maximum safety standards, the GEZE breakout is ideal for those areas that have increased safety requirements and help to me the most stringent specifications.

Productname Slimdrive SL-BO
For 1-leaf door systems Yes
For 2-leaf door systems Yes
ISO glass fine-framed Yes
Depth 189 mm
Leaf weight (max.) 1-leaf 100 kg
Leaf weight (max.) 2-leaf 100 kg
Opening width 1-leaf 900 mm – 1400 mm
Opening width 2-leaf 1000 mm – 3000 mm
Service temperature 50 °C
IP rating IP20
Disconnection from mains Main switch in the drive

GEZE Slimdrive SL-BO

Breakout system that enables the leaves and side panels to be swung open in the direction of escape.

Breakout Doors
Sliding Door - Breakout
Activation Devices - GEZEGC304
Activation Devices - GEZE Activation Detectors
Activation Devices - GEZEGC302 radar Movement Detector
Activation Devices - GEZEGC306 Proximity Switch
Activation Devices - GEZELED Sensor Buttons
Disability System
Space-saving, elegant and modern design
Space-saving, elegant and modern design
Smoke-proof swing doors for increased safety through smoke protection
Smoke-proof swing doors for increased safety through smoke protection
High-powered series capable of safely moving heavy doors
High-powered series capable of safely moving heavy doors

Suitable for a Wide Range of Industies


Custom designed solutions for clean spaces


Solutions to maximise accessibility and safety


Elegant solutions for integrated building management performance


Customised designs for superior aesthetics and high traffic use


Full control systems for occupant safety and wellbeing

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Deliver premium comfort, reliability and security with custom solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer full scoping, design, fabrication and installation of custom automatic sliding doors.

Yes, the automation and door drive technology is fully integrated with your building management system to offer you complete control.

Your servicing schedule will depend on the hardware, environment and traffic frequency. We create a custom servicing schedule for each solution and our remote monitoring technology provides instant alerts for servicing and maintenance, so you don’t need to do any extra administration.

Yes, we provide full service solutions so you don’t have to worry about unexpected or additional costs. Our end-to-end service is specifically designed to deliver the best in the market product and service in a convenient and cost efficient solution.

Enquire about a custom solution for your project.