Daily Checks

The servicing in between the servicing

Not only is it important to have your equipment regularly maintained by qualified engineers in accordance with the standards, it is also beneficial to conduct daily or weekly checks yourself. This ensures that you will always have an entrance that is both safe and efficient for pedestrian use.

The type of use and the level of traffic flow will determine the frequency of the checks that we would recommend. For example, a high traffic flow area, or an entrance in an aged care facility, it would be ideal to have daily checks performed.

Things to keep in mind

There are a number of things that you can look out for to ensure your door is functioning appropriately. Be aware of the different approach areas to the entrance in question, are they clean and free of any obstacles such as furnishings, drink stands or plants? Do these hinder the normal everyday use of the entrance?

When it is time to call in the experts

There are several indicators that will tell you whether your equipment may require a service call. Has the door been functioning differently? Is it moving slower, or banging open or closed? Do the sensors not always respond to someone accessing the entry? Has there been any damage or misuse of the equipment?

All of these things will compromise the integrity of your equipment if not attended to in a timely manner. To prevent any serious safety issues, and to make sure your door stays working at an optimum level, have one our engineers rectify before any permanent damage occurs


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