Service Solutions

Comprehensive Maintenance and Service

It is a requirement of the Australia Standard AS:5007 ‘Powered doors for pedestrian access and egress’, appendix E clause E2.2 ‘Inspection and maintenance frequency’, that a powered automatic door be regularly serviced and maintained to ensure the correct and safe working order of the drive assembly and all safety sensor systems. In accordance with AS5007 and for greater product life cycle durability, we recommend and undertake this maintenance at quarterly intervals.

We are an exclusive service and technology provider and do not maintain any other OEM equipment, specialising in the GEZE product range. As our offering is to a different industry standard, we will only maintain other OEM equipment when it can be retrofitted to our standard and complies with all of our OEM and Australian standards.

Customer Service at its best.

Choosing BACTEC means you are supported nationwide by a dedicated service team that are highly trained and fully equipped with the right tools. We are committed to ensuring any downtime is kept to a minimum and making sure that the problem is fixed the first time.

Service with a Difference

BACTEC is not an access equipment hardware provider in principle, and in fact is an integrator of technology, which is designed to expand the capability of the hardware, increase client control flexibility, improve durability, save time, and control cost which is the modern service standard.

We aim to change the way servicing is performed on your automatic door. Technology is at the forefront of everything we do today, and it is our mission to utilise this and bring the outdated ways into the future.

Allowing remote monitoring will allow us to connect to your system and be alerted for faults before you are even made aware. We use qualified technicians to log in and diagnose any errors, switching the door into a safe mode, whilst we dispatch an engineer to rectify the problem.

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