Revolving doors
Revolving doors

Revolving doors

The focal point of any entrance area.

First impressions are everything and the entrance to any building is the face of the enterprise. With the Geze Revolving Door Systems, you get a positive visual impression first time. Geze Revolving Doors Systems combine convenient passage with first-class design.

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When it comes to the GEZE Revolving Door Systems, Planners and Builders will have the freedom to design an entrance to suit any need with project specific customised planning. What comes out of this is a prestigious entrance with an excellent visual effect and an improvement to the building’s energy balance. Regardless of access frequency, you will always get flawless and smooth operations of any door system.


Installation of the Revolving Door systems is hassle-free, thanks to the high level of prefabrication and flexible modular system. Predefined and programmed control technology also help to ensure smooth commissioning.


Utilising safety devices combined with the Door system itself, ensures that the Revolving Door Systems comply with the highest personal safety standards and adhere to all current applicable safety regulations.


With the TSA 325NT you will get a high degree of variability, that ensures we can deliver individual, project-specific solutions that allow a choice of diameters.

Geze TSA 355

This Revolving Door System is ideal for those projects that require a larger diameter up to 4000mm. This drive technology will allow three- or four-leaf systems suitable for internal and external doors.


If it is maximum security that you are after, the TSA 395 provides exactly that, coupled with the convenience you expect from a revolving door system.

GEZE TSA 395 Multi

The universal revolving door system that allows you to have not only your revolving door but also an integrated linear sliding door, ensuring ultimate flexibility. This model is available in diameters of up to 5400mm.

Revolving Doors
Activation Devices - GEZEGC304
Activation Devices - GEZE Activation Detectors
Activation Devices - GEZEGC302 radar Movement Detector
Activation Devices - GEZEGC306 Proximity Switch
Activation Devices - GEZELED Sensor Buttons
Disability System
Space-saving, elegant and modern design
Space-saving, elegant and modern design
Smoke-proof swing doors for increased safety through smoke protection
Smoke-proof swing doors for increased safety through smoke protection
High-powered series capable of safely moving heavy doors
High-powered series capable of safely moving heavy doors

Suitable for a Wide Range of Industies


Custom designed solutions for clean spaces


Solutions to maximise accessibility and safety


Elegant solutions for integrated building management performance


Customised designs for superior aesthetics and high traffic use


Full control systems for occupant safety and wellbeing

Building & Construction

Deliver premium comfort, reliability and security with custom solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer full scoping, design, fabrication and installation of custom automatic sliding doors.

Yes, the automation and door drive technology is fully integrated with your building management system to offer you complete control.

Your servicing schedule will depend on the hardware, environment and traffic frequency. We create a custom servicing schedule for each solution and our remote monitoring technology provides instant alerts for servicing and maintenance, so you don’t need to do any extra administration.

Yes, we provide full service solutions so you don’t have to worry about unexpected or additional costs. Our end-to-end service is specifically designed to deliver the best in the market product and service in a convenient and cost efficient solution.

Enquire about a custom solution for your project.