GEZE Cockpit Technology

Smart Building Innovation.

A smart automation solution goes beyond hardware and aesthetics to optimise your building performance. Our integrated management systems and remote monitoring technology ensure you have complete oversight of all your access points. Real-time reporting enables predictive maintenance and remote servicing for fast and efficient service, and sustainable building management.

Fixing faults before you even know they happen.

Fixing faults before you even know they happen.

Building performance

Building performance is vital to the success, safety and satisfaction of your occupants. Our full service solutions include remote monitoring and mobile engineers who identify, schedule and execute fault repairs and maintenance – before you even know you need it. So you will never waste time or jeopardise building performance managing repairs or systems issues. BACTEC is more than an access solution, it’s an investment in performance.

Service teams dispatched to help you.

Service teams dispatched to help you.

Door Monitoring

We know time is money, and when it comes to service and maintenance of your access points, time is of the essence.

Our service teams are all qualified electrical engineers with advanced training in our operating systems. This means you avoid wasting time waiting and managing multiple tradespeople. With a remote monitoring centre and mobile technicians we can detect issues and dispatch service teams in real-time.

On the cutting edge of door technology

Remote Monitoring

Custom designed solutions for clean spaces

Issue Tracking

Dedicated service teams track and monitor all logged issues, minimising access downtime.

Auto Fixing

Alarm systems in remote monitoring trigger auto fixing of technology failures

Research & Development

In house R&D teams identify, analyse and develop features to continually improve your system and integrated solutions.

Qualified electrical engineers

Expert service teams fully trained in your solution hardware, technology and operating system.

In-house control

Clients retain control of functioning and performance of their solutions

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